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MANE student Rhiannon Williams and Feminist Internet featured in Trebuchet Magazine

Wed, 03/07/2018 - 16:08

Feminist Internet is a future-focused collective made up of  16 multi-disciplinary artists and designers, including MANE 2nd Year student Rhiannon Williams, who aim to create an equal and just internet for all.

A UAL project, the Feminist Internet originated from a 10 day intensive studio session to re-imagine the internet in a way that does not mimic patriarchal power structures of our current society.

You can read about this fascinating project and related events at the following link:


Rhiannon Williams is also running an immersive poetry event in Cyprus March 24th.

Fracture Edit explores buffer zone redefinition and virtual occupation. It wants to transform the reputation of the buffer zone wt progressive, aspirational symbology and it’s starting off with poetry.

Find the event on Facebook … “Fracture Edit Recoding the Cypriot Buffer Zone”.



MANE tutor Sarah Featherstone & VeloCity win  ‘The Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition – featured in Archinect article

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 18:16

Archniect this month ran an interview featuring our MANE course tutor Sarah Featherstone with “VeloCity”, her multidisciplinary team of 6 successful women in Architecture, Planning and Engineering who won the ‘The Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition.


Competition team (from left to right): Sarah Featherstone (Featherstone Young), Kay Hughes (Khaa), Annalie Riches (Mikhail Riches), Petra Marko (Marko&Placemakers), Jennifer Ross (Tibbalds Planning & Urban Design), Judith Sykes (Expedition Engineering)

The VeloCity team met through PedElle, a charity cycling endurance event open to female riders working in the property industry. Each successful in their own right, they decided they wanted to work together combining their expertise in architecture, design, engineering and town planning – a place-making competition developing the corridor that spans Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Oxford, seemed the perfect opportunity.

The full interview is available at the following link: VeloCity – Winners of the Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition

Thinking Unit – a collaboration between UAL CSM / ENS AAMA

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 14:34



Supported by Creative Unions

 UAL CSM / ENS AAMA Narrative Environments Design Workshop

The “Thinking Unit” project is a collaboration between students from Central Saint Martins MA Narrative Environments in London and  ENS AAMA in Paris. The mixed groups of students designed micro-architectural, spatial / social responses to the real-world need for student co-working, professional meeting and relaxation spaces.

Students from London and Paris participated in Narrative Environments workshops at Central Saint Martins and then in Paris.

The workshops resulted in the design of 5 different “Thinking Units” designed for specific sites at both campuses. The pods are adaptable, multi-functional and transportable.

See the outcomes of the Thinking Unit projects here:



Beyond the Frames: ENS AAMA x UAL CSM – Beyond the Frames