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Repositioning Nice


Every year the course selects one city to research. Students take a critical look at the city’s reputation or dominate narrative. They examine the city’s current cultural, social, geographical and economic assets, issues and opportunities and design schemes that would enable the city to see itself and been seen in a new light. This year they traveled to Nice in the Cote D’Azur to look beyond the ”super-narrative” of a happy, ritzy Nice.

The Future of Urban Resilience


This is a collaborative knowledge exchange with Arup Foresight + Research +Innovation. Multidisciplinary teams of students explored the future of community responses to four climate-change events – persistent cold, extreme heat, violent storms and severe flooding.

The Life and Death Toolkit


The Life and Death Toolkit helps design students to reflect on the sustainability of their projects and make informed decisions throughout their design process. The toolkit consists of two sets of prompt cards and a worksheet. The prompt cards suggest topics to consider while the worksheet is used by students to record their reflections and evaluate the sustainability of theirproject.

The toolkit envisages design projects as part of a complex system or project ecology. It maintains that no project exists in isolation. It has been widely tested and well received by students.

Work in Progress Show 2015


Work in Progress Show has been held at CSM. The exhibition was an opportunity for students to get feedback on their Major Project proposals. There were also work in progress on show from MA Materials Futures, MA Industrial Design, MA Arhcitecure, Cities and innovation and MA Communication Design. Photographed by William Price

The London Boat Show


In 2014 the London Boat Show, one of the world’s top 10 boat shows, challenged MA Narrative Environments students from CSM to curate its January 2015 event at ExCeL London, sparking a change in the design and execution of its live events.

The British Museum



In November 2014 the British Museum worked with first year MA Narrative Environments students to develop an alternative scheme for their Room 3 Object in Focus series. This programme of temporary exhibitions provides the Museum with an opportunity to experiment with new display techniques and to try out innovative ideas.

Story Shapes


Group One

The VAULT festival


1 Anna Lincoln, 2D graphics and curation

2 First Sukpaiboon, architecture

3 Joanna Milona, interior architecture

4 Lyu Bi, spatial design

5 Mamiko Yamazaki, graphic design marketing

6 Lily Cheng, interactive experience and game design