• Course Leader
  • Course Tutor

    The role of Course Tutor is filled by Bethany Shepherd.


  • First Year Architect

    SARAH FEATHERSTONE (Associate Lecturer &

  • First Year Tutor

    The role of Museum Specialist and Historian is

  • First Year Interacti

    Joel is an interaction designer and artist.


  • Second Year Tutor

    INGRID HU (Associate Lecturer & Second Year Tutor)

  • Second Year Tutor

    XAVIER LLARCH FONT (3D Design and Public Engagement Tutor) XAVIER LLARCH FON

  • Second Year Tutor

    Claire Healy is a designer specialising in the creation of narrative environ

  • Design Psychologist

    Rakhi is a brand strategist with a background in psychology, business and de

  • Communications Assis

    Stephanie Romig-Orr is a narrative designer with a focus on social engagemen

  • Theory Tutor

    Tom Butler is a writer, researcher and creative producer.

  • Second Year Tutor /

    Cristina Salvi is a museums, exhibition and interior freelance designer with