Story Storey - Design for Chelsea Flower Show

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Inspired by the art of Japanese textile dyeing and the aesthetic of wabi-sabi – imperfect beauty – design collective Story Storey created one of only six Artisan Retreats at Chelsea Flower Show in May 2013. Showcasing garments created by graduates of the MA Fashion and Environment Course at London College of Fashion, Story Storey's design spoke to the place of plant dyed sustainable fashion in the wider social and cultural context, and made tangible the intimate relationship between the fashion designer and the natural world. 


Using narrative to derive the design, the concept told the story of the natural dye process while alluding to the tension between high fashion and eco fashion, which, by embracing imperfection and a process that devotes time and care to each garment, is, in fact, the ultimate in luxury.


Story Storey is a design collective co-founded by four alumni from the MA Narrative Environments course - Pearl Sun, Bethany Shepherd, Stephanie Romig and Namrata Krishna. Their interdisciplinary work uses narrative to create immersive environments and experiences.


Bethany Shepherd, Pearl Sun, Stephanie Romig, Namrata Krishna